Science project for the kids

So I found this great science project for the kids that didn’t involve too much from us other than paying attention. We are housing caterpillars until they become butterflies. I know you are thinking I am crazy.. I do too. Seriously, this is a great learning experience for the kids. Go to and pick out your insect of choice! We chose butterflies this time but they have everything from ladybugs to frogs. If everything turns out the way it should we will be doing more of these. Last night we got the live caterpillars. They (4 of them) came in a box. I opened the box and there they were, in a sealed cup with their food inside (pictures below). All we do now is leave them alone to eat. As they transform from caterpillars to a chrysalis we will then open the cup and place the lid inside the butterfly home (pictures on the website). They will then emerge as Painted Ladies. We will keep them for a bit longer feeding them sugar water and will finally let them go. How often do you and your kids get to see the amazing transformation step by step of a caterpillar to a butterfly? I can’t wait. I think it will be very relaxing to have the Painted Ladies fluttering away in my kitchen. I am posting some pictures of them from this morning and this evening. I swear they have already grown. Happy early hump day!


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