I love everything fall. How could you not? Don’t you think the leaves are at their prettiest when they are burnt orange, red and brown? Seriously, even boquets of flowers that your wonderful husband sends you are so much better in the fall! Take a look!

I spent the morning outside with the kids enjoying this wonderful fall weather we are having (fall for us is in the 70’s). There was a nice wind blowing.. my son gathered all the acorns and gave them to me for safe keeping. I love the way children place things in your hands and KNOW that they are in a safe place. They know that if they give you something, it is sure to be there when they return looking for it. The amount of absolute trust a child has warms my heart to the core. When my daughter was little she would also collect all of the acorns and give them to me for safe keeping. One year I gave her a freezer bag and told her to place her findings in there and I would keep them for her inside. It broke my heart the day I had to throw them out because they had become really nasty. She noticed they were gone immediately and I had to tell her we would get more. I felt for a brief moment like I had broken her trust because what she gave me to hold onto and protect she could no longer keep. I think God must feel that way with us sometimes. He gives us something really wonderful and we are so thankful and happy. Then He comes back to us and says, “Ok, you need to let that go now. It’s time move forward, I have something really special coming to you around the corner, just trust me.” Do we? I know sometimes I want to throw a royal fit and say, but let’s just leave it like this.. I like where I am at now.. and I know what I have. I am not ready to let go.. I am not good at not knowing what is around the corner.. Then I hear God tell me again, “Let go, I know what is best.” Everyday, my children humble me and teach me how to love and follow God like a child.. with absolute trust and unconditionally. Hope everyone is having a good day! Happy Fall 🙂


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