Painted Ladies Farwell

Today was the day that we said far-well to our Painted Ladies and let them take flight in the open sky. It was bittersweet.  Thing 1 and  Thing 2 were very excited about letting our friends go this morning. They were eager to see if they could fly in the sky since they had only seen them flutter here and there in their little home. Finally the time came. I released them one by one. Giving the kids a chance to really look at them. Then off they went. The first one never looked back. That was a bit disappointing for  Thing 1. The second one took off and came back near us and rested for a bit on  Thing 2’s lawnmower before taking flight once more. That gave  Thing 1 a smile. The third and fourth flew away but returned to the house and rested on the side of the house for a bit before flying off together. Again, a happy child. As I announced it was time to go inside to head to school the smiles turned to frowns as they both realized at the same moment that the butterflies were not coming back. “When are they coming back?” “They’re not baby, they have to go and make babies and eat flowers before they die.” “Can we have their babies and raise them?” “Um, well, they are going to lay their eggs somewhere else.”  Thing 2 starts frantically looking from out one window to the next from inside saying “Outside fly?” The conversation continues on the way to school. “Do you want to say a prayer for your butterflies?” “Yes, Dear God, thank you for my butterflies. Please please let them fly and fly and not stop. Please let them bring their babies to us so we can raise them. Please let them find flowers. Thank you God. Amen.” By this time we arrived at school and we are walking through the parking lot. “Mom, I know what I want to be for Halloween.” “What?” “I want to be a butterfly so I can go and fly with my butterflies.” So, now I am looking for ideas on how to make a pair of butterfly wings and antennas for Halloween 🙂 I was originally going to make her a princess and  Thing 2 a dragon (he already has his outfit) but I truly cannot deny this request to become a butterfly. How sweet is she?!


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