Is it me or has this month been jammed packed already? I was looking at our family calendar and I do not believe we have a free weekend this month. This is a bummer to me. I love our down time spent as a family. You know the, stay in your pajamas and act silly Saturday. It seems I will have to wait until November to have one of those. On a positive note, I am one step closer to making the kid’s Christmas outfits for their pictures. I have finished my last Halloween Jumper and now have two Tutu dresses to make for costumes and I can finally start my Christmas outfits. While I am thrilled to get started, I am exhasted. I feel like I have been sewing almost every night for the past couple of weeks. I do plan to take some time off in between projects so I can rest a little. I have been sewing so much I am dreaming about it.

I have been looking up photographers for the kid’s Christmas pictures. I do not want to go to a standard “chain” studio for a portrait this year. I am so tired of the lines, the overbooking, the young teenager who cannot get my son to smile.. I want a real photographer who knows what they are doing to get a meaningful smile out of my babies this year without feeling rushed.

In other news, I found this cute cute designer! A lady after my own heart! Check out her Scrunchy Bunchy Scarfs and her cute little aprons!


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