What’s Cooking

Menu Planning: do you do it? If not, why? I plan our family’s menu around my husband’s paychecks. Since he gets paid every two weeks, I only go grocery shopping every two weeks. This allows me to stay on budget and not overspend on groceries. Another great thing about menu planning is that I am not starring into a pantry and refrigerator at 5pm everyday wondering what I can piece together. I choose what we will eat each morning and pull the meat out when I wake up to thaw. This works for us and has for years. Another thing that I do is plan my grocery shopping according to the aisle set up in the store. I know row by row what I need. This cuts my time in the grocery store in half. When you are taking two little munchkins in there with you it is important to get in and get out πŸ™‚

Want to know what we are eating for the next 16 days?

1. Chicken Fajitas

2. Ravioli and Cheese bake (NR)

3. Strawberry buttermilk pancakes

4. Cheese stuffed Meatloaf (NR)

5. Chicken and bacon cheese pockets (NR)

6. Chicken-Be- Quick (NR) and home made French fries

7. Pizza pasta and home made French bread (NR)

8. Chicken Artichoke heart & parmesan sandwiches (on left over French bread) (NR)

9. Cream Cheese Rigatoni (NR)

10. Steak and twice baked potatoes

11. Chicken bog (perlot)

12. Texas T bone and home made mac and cheese

13. Roast with butternut squash soup

14. Grilled cheese sandwiches and some previously frozen home made chicken noodle soup

15. Apple pork chops and acorn squash

16. I am leaving this open. I am sure one night in the next two weeks we will wing it or go out for dinner.

That’s it. If you are interested in any of the recipes for the above, let me know. I have them all saved on my computer so they are easily accessible. I have quiet a few NR (new recipes) in there. I will let you know how they turn out πŸ™‚


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