Menu Planner

Here is what we are having for the next 15 days. This time I will post links to the recipes that I am trying out.

1. Honey Hoisen Chicken (crockpot) with rice and broccoli
2. Chicken and Dumplings (crockpot)
3. Porkchops, collards and rice
4. Stir fry
5. Sloppy Joe’s (didn’t end up making in the last rotation)
6. Tomato chicken parmesan with spagetti
7. Artichoke and tomato chicken & baked potatoes
8. Breakfast
9. Brisket, homemade potato salad, and macaroni and cheese
10. Ham, fried greens (awesome recipe for this), roasted reb potatoes and biscuits
11. Stuffed bell peppers
12. Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes
13. Home made pizza
14. whatever
15. whatever

I found a great recipe for Christmas bread. It’s a Sweedish bread recipe. I can’t wait to try it out.


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