Happy Birthday to me!

I have to tell you that I believe I had one of the best birthdays yesterday. What made it so special you ask? So many little things. The day before my birthday  Thing 2 was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection. He sounded horrible and had been having a horrible time sleeping. After two breathing treatments I put him to bed and he slept more the night before my birthday than he had all week. The morning of my birthday his fever had broke. This was a relief since I was worried about the medicine making it into his system in time to combat his RSV. My prince charming made me banana and chocolate chip panakes and bacon. My day started off just like a Jack Johnson song, Banana Pancakes. It was even raining outside. After breakfast, my daughter and I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up the materials needed to make our Valentine’s Day chair backers. I also picked up this darling material to make  Thing 1 a shirt and dress.

We then ran to the grocery store to pick up something things for my birthday dinner and headed home just in time to drop off the groceries and pick up lunch before going to the doctor. I took  Thing 1 to the doctor with me since Paul needed to stay home with  Thing 2 since he was sick. We put Paul on the speaker phone as the ultra sound was being preformed. As soon as I saw that baby’s hiney I blurted out, “Is it a boy?!” I repeated the question one more time just to look at the screen and see the words, “It’s a boy!” I wish Paul had been there at that exact moment but thought it was very special for  Thing 1 to be there with me and have Paul on the phone. As the doctor took the measurements I marveled at how much he had grown and just how big his feet were. He is going to be a big baby, that is for sure. After the doctors appointment I had to run to the dentist and then home. We then finished the evening off with fondu for dinner. My absolute favorite. My sister put up these beautiful decorations and since she didn’t know what the baby would be in the mood for she brought over three different options for a desert. I ended up with the one on the bottom…

before my daughter took it over 🙂

How thoughtful. My day ended with my son sleeping even better than the night before (less coughing) and my daughter delirious from a sugar high and excitement from the day. It was the most perfect day. I am so thankful for my family and feel so very blessed.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. LOVE the fabric- can't wait to see the finished shirt and dress! and how thoughtful of your sister to bring 3 desserts=) Glad you had an AWESOME birthday!! Excited to meet baby boy ( via the blog world=)

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