Sew busy!

Today was a productive day as far as sewing is concerned but I didn’t get much else accomplished other than dinner 🙂 My little man decided today was the day to bust out with the terrible two tantrums so I spent the better half of my afternoon trying to get him to nap. At the end of the day the terrible two body snatchers replaced my tantrum throwing toddler with my sweet boy and he showered me with dozens of kisses while I rocked him for a bit before bed time. The middle part of my day melted away as he giggled in my ear while he pushed my hair back away from my face so he could kiss my cheek and my forehead. Moments like that make all the frustration and stress melt away.


My sewing machine was getting its workout today. I made  Thing 1′s pillow case shirt and dress. I surprised myself by knocking it out today with the way my day went. I really love the fabric on both.
Next on my list is adding some Valentine’s Day material to the bottom of a pair of Thing 1’s jeans and maybe appliquĂ©ing matching shirts for Thing 2 and Thing 1.

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