Day dreaming

We had incredibly warm weather today! I believe it got all the way up to 80 degrees today. We had a great play date this morning with two friends and their children. At some point during the play date, I decided having five kids wouldn’t be so bad =) noisy yes, but incredible full of laughter and love. After the play dates, everyone took a quick nap and then we went outside to play. Since we haven’t been able to play much in the backyard (due to “artic” like weather) we haven’t bothered to pick up the dog pooh. Fifteen minutes into playtime, Thing 2 comes to me with a massive amount of dog pooh on his shoe! YUCK! I tried to scrape it off with a stick to no avail. It’s on there until I wash it off with the hose. He thought he could do a better job with his hands and that is when we came inside.
The warm weather gave me spring fever like something fierce. I was day dreaming about Disney, the beach and even tonight dreaming of Italy. Oh how I want to go back and take the kids for a week or two or three. These are my visions for the evening….
Oh just to stay in this cozy country house surrounded by vineyards and olive groves…
just 15 minutes from Florence and an hour from Sienna…
to walk in the vineyards smelling the grapes and picking them fresh from the vines with the kids… to eat a meal on a long wooden table outside in the shade with fresh wine and delicious Italian food made from the absolute best tomatoes… to get lost in the noise and smells of the market place and come back to the quiet of the vineyards. Oh how I want to go back!

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