Menu Plan

I have been having a hard time creating my meal plans lately for two reasons: 1) I am finding myself too tired to cook at the end of the day 2) Thing 3 doesn’t always want to eat what I take out in the morning to prepare for dinner. This go around it was especially difficult to make up my menu because I knew I only cooked half of what I had planned to cook the last two weeks. I set out on an adventure through the web to find great crock pot recipes last night. I have tons of energy in the morning but as my day wears on I am too tired to start a meal. I thought if I can find great meals to cook in the crock pot, this will no longer be a problem. So for the next two weeks I have four meals that I have designated just for the crockpot, one breakfast meal that will be super easy to whip up and a few meals for the days where I really do want to cook. I am especially excited about trying out a new bbq recipe that has the eastern Carolina vinegar based bbq sauce with the shredded chicken that I am making in the crock pot. I am using crock pot recipes that I gathered from the new site that I stumbled across last night called A Year of Slow Cooking. Blogger/author Stephanie O’dea has created this great site to host some of her recipes that she published in her book.

So here is what we are having:

1. South Carolina style bbq, squash casserole, fried okra and biscuits
2. Chicken tortilla soup (made with the shredded pork that I am making for the bbq)
3. Chicken fajitas (made with the shredded pork that I am making for the bbq)
4. Pork Tenderloin & rice
5. Cranberry roast, mashed potatoes and salad
6. Chinese
7. Garlic roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots
8. Sticky buns and breakfast (these aren’t my normal sticky buns, I am trying out a new recipe)
9. Tequila Lime chicken, broccoli and green beans
10. Strawberry buttermilk pancakes
11. Salisbury steak and asparagus with roasted potatoes
12. Cajun chicken Alfredo
13. tbd
14. tbd


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