Happy Monday!

I am on the hunt for a cute apron. When I think of aprons, my mind has a tendency to go back to the aprons that Lucille Ball wore on her show. I automatically think several things about this homemaker image. None of them really positive.

Today, the homemaker has been transformed. I see women who are bringing back the sexy to sewing, women whose talents are more than just doing laundry, feeding kids and having supper made. So many women are choosing to stay home to raise children now and brining their God given talents with them back into the home. Seems I am not the only one who is seeing the transformation of SAHMS, the momprenuers of America seem to agree and are reflecting this in their work. If you ever get a chance, go to Etsy and see what a lot of the SAHMs are up to these days and making.
I have been looking for a cute apron that reflected my personality and I found some of the cutest aprons ever.
Here are two sites that I have been watching to find the perfect apron for this SAHM.

2 thoughts on “Aprons

  1. thanks for the shout to our aprons!

    do you sew? I have several patterns available and working on another one as we speak! (it's a hostess pattern) 🙂

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