What NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

I have been pre-occupied lately and have not found the time to blog until tonight. Tonight’s topic is “What NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman.” These things have actually been said to me; shocking, I know. Most of these statements were made by women if you can believe that. This is not meant as a negative post. I actually find them quiet funny which is why I am sharing them. The only one that slightly offended me was #1. I was wearing the red gala gown that you see below in the picture.  She followed up that statement with, “You must be very uncomfortable in your gown.” I politely told her, “Not so much, I am not wearing all the things that you must normally wear to tuck you in and I am in flip flops so I am probably more comfortable than you.”

1. “How did you fit into that dress?”
2. “It must be hard for you to get dressed up when you are so big.”
3. “WOW! Are you pregnant?! I mean of course you are, you’re huge!”
4. “How many do you have in there?”
5. “When are you due? You are really big.”
6. “How did you find a dress to wear in your condition?”
7. “How many kids did you say you have?”
8. “What are you doing at the rodeo? You are too big to be here, you should be at home resting.”
10. When telling a man that I am pregnant and need help he says sarcastically, “I’m pregnant too (grabbing his belly)” to this I said, “I’ll trade your gut to carry around for this huge belly.” He didn’t have anything else to say.


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