Sewing and potty news

I just got my sewing machine back at the end of last week. I cannot wait to get started on all of the many projects that I have planned. Hopefully I will have pictures to show you as early as tomorrow night. I have a couple of outfits to make the kids, a few baby gifts for another friend for a shower, burp cloths and receiving blankets for my bundle of joy due to arrive in 7 weeks, and matching outfits for the three of the kids when they get to meet each other for the first time in the hospital. I am so happy to get sewing again!!

In the middle of our crazy couple of weeks, our son, who is only 27 months old, has decided to start potty training himself. He has been doing so well. I am so proud of him. He actually goes on the potty every time he tells me he has to go. There have been accidents but mostly loose stools that he couldn’t tell me about in time due to drinking too much juice. His tummy is so sensitive to juice. I really didn’t want to start this before the baby came- same with the big boy bed- but as usual my son is not into us telling him when he is ready, he is into telling us when he is ready.


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