Tonight’s topic is cookware. I just got the new Williams-Sonoma catalog in the mail and wouldn’t you know I picked out $1000 worth of products that made my need/have to have list. It’s no secret that I like to cook. Truth be told, I am using cookware that I received as a gift from a best friend almost 8 years ago. It’s past time for an upgrade. Because I am practical (most of the time) I do price shop. Which brings me to tonight’s question. Can you tell me the difference in these two sets? Yes, I know the shape of the stockpots are a little different, the rims of the lids and even the handles are different… but what is the real difference?

Here’s the deal. The set on the top is from Williams-Sonoma called the Calphalon Unison Nonstick Slide and Sear set which includes 15 pieces plus a free gift. Priced at $949.95

The set on the bottom is from Bed Bath and Beyond and is called the Simply Calphalon Nonstick Cookware set which includes 14 pieces with a free gift card. Priced at $299.99.

I have not seen these sets in person, but due to the brand name and the pictures and “free gifts”, I am inclined to think I am staring at the same product.

I am hoping someone has an answer for me. If there are real differences between the two I would like to know.


6 thoughts on “Cookware

  1. Sorry, I have no idea. Since you mentioned Williams-Sonoma it reminded me I need to pick up another bread pan from their store next time I'm in their. (Hopefully soon!) Those are both such nice looking sets I'd love to have either!! My stuff is a mish mosh of mostly all cheap. lol

  2. Jenn, so is mine and they are in such bad shape. I promise myself every year that at on Black Friday I will buy a nice set … I never get to it or they are sold out before I can buy one.

  3. I also believe that william sonoma is over proced, however you have to touch and hold the pans. there may be a difference in construction. don't forget you can use bed bath and beyond coupons even if they are expired. I saved $50 on my last trip. Let me know if you need some, I have a folder full

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