Menu Plan

I have a confession to make. Anyone who has been reading this blog probably saw this coming, but here it goes… I am a Pioneer Woman Cookaholic. Seriously, all the signs are there! I won’t stop cooking from her cookbook and you can’t make me. This is not good for my hips, tush or thighs but it’s so good in my mouth. I mean, can you blame me? My kids don’t immediately sit down at the table and ask how many bites until desert. Here is the big one, are you ready for this…. we eat leftovers! *GASP* I know, right?! Anyone who knows me knows I do not have leftovers and two nights ago we had a whole meal made of Pioneer Woman meal leftovers. We had leftover short ribs and beef brisket and I made a side salad to go with our plates of meat. Her meals were made for my family- bacon grease, butter, and Lawry’s in almost every dish. It’s like she was raised in the south, but she wasn’t. We can forgive her for that because she used to vacation in Hilton Head, SC, so at least she knew where to go to relax. Anyway, my whole menu is created around Pioneer Woman recipes. Get ready for more food blogs about our dinners.

Those who are interested in the sewing portion of my blog will have to wait a little longer. I do plan to start up again soon- I found the cutest little boy tie pattern & I’m dying to try it out.  I just need a little more rest at night before I start staying up late to sew again. Little man is getting there. Last night he slept 6 hours and 45 minutes straight! 
So here’s what we are having:
Update 7/16: Since this meal cycle is over I am going to rate the recipes I tried out- 1 is having it again soon 2 is having it again in a few months 
1. Meat Loaf  2
2. Chicken Pot Pie  2
3. Braised Short Ribs over  Polenta 1 for the ribs and never again on the Polenta
4. Ribeye steak with whisky cream sauce and rosemary potatoes 2 on the steak and I made her twice baked potatoes with this instead of the rosemary potatoes. The twice baked potatoes are going to be rated a 1.
5. Summer stir fry 1 but see my blog post about how I changed her recipe
6. Breakfast
7. Coq au Vin never made it
8. Cubed steak sandwiches with onion strips 2
9. Beef Brisket and twice baked potatoes 1
10. Goulash never made it
11. Quesadillas de camarones 1 and I made it using chicken
12. Leftovers
13. leftovers
14. Out to eat

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