Budget Friendly Menu Plan

Our lives have changed over the last two weeks. While Paul was on paternity leave we prayed about his job. We felt like God was telling him it was time to leave. Our prayer was that before the end of his first week back we would know for sure if he was supposed to be seeking other things… God was faithful and no shocker to us, the answer was it was time for him to go. We don’t know what God has in store for us next but we took a step of faith and we are patiently waiting for His purpose and will to be made known. That being said, we aren’t sitting idly- don’t you love how I say ‘we’- Paul isn’t sitting on his hands. We are exploring every avenue and now our prayers are that if it isn’t His will, shut the door of opportunity. The human side of me has wanted to go down the road of panic several times- we have THREE kids to feed, we have a new baby, Cobra is a mortgage payment, we have tuition payments coming up, uniforms and school supplies to buy and on and on… then I reel myself back in. I know this was God’s will. He spoke very clearly to us. It’s not up to us worry about the how and the when. God has a purpose and plan for us and complaining and panicking about the timing or the circumstances shows doubt in God’s perfect plan. While I have faith that God will supply each and every need we have I also know we have a part in this perfect plan- starting with our budget.  It’s up to us to make sure that the money we have in savings is spent wisely until He provides that next opportunity. So, the menu plan for the next two weeks is a budget friendly menu plan. Making my grocery list tonight I laughed at how small it was. I buy meat in bulk so there wasn’t much of an expense there, I have all the canned tomatoes and cans of cream of chicken I need for these recipes, I am fine on onions.. the things I am running out of are milk and BUTTER. Go ahead laugh. We use so much butter around here I have to buy it at Costco. So that I don’t waste anymore of your time rambling, here is my menu plan for the next two weeks. Oh and if you have a budget friendly recipe you would like to share, shoot it to me so I can throw it in the next rotation.

1.) Slow cooker Taco soup
2.) Arroz con pollo
3.) Empanadas
4.) Strawberry buttermilk pancakes
5.) Crock pot green Enchiladas
6.) Crock pot Chicken and dumplings
7.) Pork chops over rice
8.) Chicken bog
9.) Hamburgers and French fries
10.) Kielbasa with sliced potatoes and saurkraut
11.) Chicken Alfredo
12.) Garlic butter pasta
13.) Curry chicken and coconut rice
14.) Pasta Carbornara (my one Pioneer Woman recipe for this cycle… I just had to. Good thing all I needed to buy was the pasta from this one)


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