Cooking it low and slow on a Friday: Slow Cooker Taco Soup

So here I am starting my two weeks of budget friendly meals. I wasn’t too thrilled to stop my Pioneer Woman cooking streak, but I am up for the challenge of finding good recipes on a really tight budget. Some of the meals from my menu plan I have had since a kid… some I have never tried before. This is one of those, I have never tried this before. When I was planning my budget friendly menu last night, I came across this recipe and  thought I would give it a go. I was very unsure if this would be a hit or not. Turns out it was actually pretty good. It reminded us (the man and I) of a chicken tortilla soup except it was made with beef.

Here is the link to the recipe I used: Slow Cooker Taco Soup

As far as cooking level it was easy peasy. I browned my meat this morning and threw everything in the crock pot. The only real work I did was opening a bunch of cans with a can opener. For a Friday, this slow cooker meal was what I needed. I like easy meals on Friday.

We bowled our soup then threw in some tortilla chips and some Monterey Jack cheese. Thing 1 loved it. She thought it was a cross between chili and tacos. Thing 2 hated it. He doesn’t like hamburger meat unless it’s cooked the Pioneer Woman way in a Calzone or used in Italian meatballs (See a few posts back for recipes). The man and I liked it. This recipe made so much I was able to freeze an entire second meals worth for another time.

This is what was left in my crock pot after we had supper tonight. I love it when a recipe makes enough to freeze a second meal.

You guys know I have trouble following recipes… but I did follow the directions except for one part. It called for kidney and chili beans and I did not add them in. Why? Because I didn’t have them in my pantry. I had almost every single ingredient needed to throw this meal together without having to buy anything at the grocery store. The only thing I bought to complete this meal was the tortilla chips. Since the only thing I bought to complete the meal was tortilla chips- I like to think this meal cost me $2 to make.

Next time I will buy the sour cream to throw on top. I didn’t have any in the fridge and I was really good today at the grocery store and actually bought only what we needed so we did without the sour cream this time.

If you have a budget friendly recipe you would like for me to try, please send it to


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