A Man Snack

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to eat around here. I spent a good half hour re-introducing myself to my treadmill last night. I really wanted to get back on it tonight but I am too sore. I need new shoes too. I wore out my walking shoes before Thing 3 was born and I think that is why I am feeling it tonight. You would think that carrying a baby for 9 months and chasing around two preschoolers would take care of all your problem spots and keep you in shape- not the case. My tush and thighs are proof!

As I was blogging about the pancakes we had for dinner I wanted a snack. The man was crouching over a plate on the counter. I asked him what he was doing and then I realized he was making some nachos. Little did I know the creativity going on over there. I asked him to make me a plate and he came over with these.

He named them 30 second nachos. Original, right? The nachos themselves are sprinkled with Chili Powder, Colby Jack cheese and Cilantro. He zapped them in the microwave and tada!


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