Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes

I wish I had pictures to go with this recipe but I was in such a hurry to get everyone fed before church tonight that it did not happen. These pancakes are super fluffy and so good! In my house we don’t eat hot breakfasts for breakfast for a few reasons.

#1 We (meaning both the kids and I) are no good in the morning. Give me my coffee, them their Sesame Street and we are good until we fully wake up around 10am
#2 My kids aren’t big on breakfasts for some reason. They graze until lunch.
#3 Breakfast just tastes so much better when you eat it for dinner

Whether you like your breakfast for breakfast or you like your breakfast for dinner, you will like these pancakes. If you don’t like strawberries then switch it up. You can throw in bananas, pecans, blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar or chocolate chip. Don’t limit yourself 🙂

Here is the funny thing about this recipe. I found it online October 7th 2009 and saved it. I like to save the links of where I get my recipes from so that if I ever blog about them I can give credit to that person for the recipe. I was just looking up the link for this recipe and you will never believe this. Guess who’s site it’s on! None other than the Pioneer Woman’s site. It’s under her Tasty Kitchen section where she features recipes from readers. I think its so funny that I was on this site a year ago and had no idea what I was looking at… the goldmine of recipe goodness just laying there waiting for me to discover it and begin using it.

Here is the recipe for the strawberry buttermilk pancakes. Get creative with them and enjoy!

While writing this post I just got the best snack from the man! I am going to blog about his little quick creation he just made me!


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