Budget Friendly Menu Plan

After looking through the grocery ads this morning I am going to change my grocery store for this one trip. I believe it will actually be cheaper for me to go to our local chain H.E.B. for this trip. They run meal deals and since we are running low on meat it is going to be more cost efficient for me to use their meal deals as part of my menu than it will be for me to go to Costco and restock on the meats we need for our meals the next two weeks. So keep that in mind when you read my menu. The only thing I am having to really buy is the meats, most of the sides for the dinner are free with the purchase of the meat.

1) Salmon Patties and wild rice (Salmon is on sale otherwise it would be too expensive)
2.) Hamburgers and chips (meal deal)
3.) Crock pot enchiladas- I have to make this again! Hopefully I can find the milder sauce
4.) Tomato Basil Pizza
5.) Pork Riblets (on sale) and red potatoes
6.) Rotissiere chicken (meal deal)
7.) Cubed steak, mashed potatoes and gravy (my one PW recipe this go around and cubed steak is on sale)
8.) Lasagna (Pasta sauce and hamburger meat is on sale)
9.) Greek Chicken and potaotes (Potatoes are on sale already have the chicken)
10.) Tuna Sanwhiches (buy one can get another free)
11.) Crock pot chicken wings and vegetable tempura (already have the chicken wings)
12.) Chicken Guacamole sandwiches and fruit (have the chicken)
13.) Cream cheese and ham pinwheel sandwiches and chips (The ham is free as part of another meal deal)
14.) Chicken leg quarters, mac and cheese (free as part of the meal), corn on the cob (corn 3 for a $1)

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