Garlic Butter Chicken Pasta

About two years ago, a good friend of mine, Galit Hill, said I had to try Jimmy’s Favorite Garlic Bread recipe. I was up for it so I made it. The first time I made it it on sour dough bread just like the recipe called for. Once I got through the outter pieces of the bread into the center, it melted in my mouth. Oh how I loved the softness of the bread and all of the flavors from the garlic butter! I simply fell in love. Now I make it on French bread. It’s just a personal favorite- you could slap this butter on any of your favorite breads. I usually make this garlic bread recipe when we have lasagna.

I later told her how much I loved this recipe. She mentioned to me it was delicious on broccoli. I am pretty sure she was also the one who came up with the idea to throw it on pasta and chicken with veggies. This meal is an oldie but goodie around here. The kids truly like this meal. It’s SO simple and it’s also budget friendly.

Grill your chicken, boil your chicken or bake your chicken- it doesn’t matter how you do it, just cook it. Shred it. Throw it in with the cooked noodles of your choice. Add whatever veggies you have on hand. Eat it cold or eat it hot. This evening I salt & peppered my chicken and baked it until it was cooked through. I usually like to boil mine because the chicken is softer when it’s boiled. I paired the chicken with Garden Rotini. I only had carrots on hand to throw in there. Because my family boycotts anything that is nutritious, I steamed the carrots, pureed them and mixed them in with the butter. I know what you are thinking, “Why bother with the carrots- with that much butter it’s pointless to be healthy.” Ha, true for some… but for us… this is our healthy version of healthy 🙂 Everything we eat is lathered in butter or bacon grease and has loads of salt- to add any veggies and get them actually consumed by someone (other than myself, I do like veggies) is like waiting on rain to come in a desert.. it ain’t gonna happen. Therefore, I mask the veggies in our food when I can.

See, you can just see the slivers of carrots in there. They had no idea that there were carrots in this garlic butter.

They ate the whole dish. The point of this blog is that this garlic butter recipe can be placed on just about anything and it will turn out delicious!


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