Tomato Pesto Pizza

I had planned to make a tomato pesto pizza at some point in the next two weeks but wanted to wait until I could find some time so I could make my own pizza dough. I have never made pizza dough before. This is partly due to the fact that I was too lazy and partly because I had it in my head that it would take longer than making bread. I’m not sure why I thought this but I did. I had some time while the kids were napping and I thought I would go for it. I feel dumb for thinking it would take longer to make than bread. Um, easy! Best part is you get to freeze half of the dough for your next home made pizza! How awesome is that? I know, I am a dork and I’m ok with that. Here is the trick with the dough- the thinner it is the better. My dough, pictured below, still isn’t thin enough for my liking.

Here is the pizza dough recipe! It’s at the beginning of the BBQ Chicken recipe. Did you notice it was a PW recipe 🙂 I squeezed her in again!  Here is the tomato pesto pizza recipe.

I used mozzarella sandwich slices for my pizza. I didn’t feel the need to go all out. I also left a little portion of the pizza empty (just cheese and pesto) for the kids. They don’t like tomatoes like I do. Looking back, I should have loaded this thing up with tomatoes- everywhere. For some reason I only put them on the slices of cheese. Not sure what I was thinking. Learn from my mistakes and load it up!

The kids LOVED the pizza. Usually pizza is a hit or miss with the kids. Thing 2 likes pizza only when it comes from Little Caesar’s (um, their breadsticks rock!). Thing 1 doesn’t have a preference but she will just refuse to eat it randomly. I think the real reason that they liked this pizza so much was because there wasn’t any sauce on it.

The dough recipe was awesome! Next time I am making pizza marinara with it because I LOVE it. When we went to Rome for our one year anniversary we found this little hole in the wall restaurant. It was family owned and they had the best food in all of Rome. After trying a few other places we refused to eat anywhere but there. The night before we left they took me back to the kitchen and the chef taught me how to make pizza marinara (I ordered it at least once a day at their restaurant! It was soooo good.). You have no idea how awesome that was to me! It was like a movie. Seriously, who randomly learns to cook in Rome?! We send everyone there when we find out they are going to Rome. I can’t wait to go back! By the way, I can not wait until Eat, Pray, Love comes out!


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