Organizing recipes and a must have covered dish!

I am an organizer. We have already established this (hence the web address). I am constantly saving new recipes for us to try. Want to know how I stay organized? I have a folder on my desktop titled Recipes. I copy the recipe and the web address that I got it from. Save it. Print it only at the time I am making it. Once it is printed and used I file it in a binder.

I bought these clear page protectors from Walmart. I stuff my recipe in there to protect it. I couldn’t possibly fit all of my recipes in a box. Tried it and failed. This helps me stay organized. Also, it allows me to write notes on the paper about what I did differently, liked or didn’t like.

Next up is an item I think you must have in the kitchen.

I love this thing!!! It’s an item that is sold by QVC made by Temp-tations. It is an oven -to table-to refrigerator- to freezer piece. It comes with the ceramic dish, wire basket with handles, and removable trivet. It is nice to have this to carry to potlucks, dinner at a friends, or just as an everyday use.

I couldn’t find it in this blue (mine is a few years old) but I found it in this beautiful Old World pattern. I absolutely love mine. They have them in so many colors and some for the holidays (I have two in the Christmas collection). Go to QVC and type in Temp-tations and you can see all of the variations of these. This is a must have for your kitchen.


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