Menu Plan for lunch and dinner

I am still on the budget friendly side of things. For those who are keeping up, keep praying. God hasn’t revealed His plan just yet. We have pieces of the plan. I am expecting something big to come our way and change our lives in the next month.

Because I am in the middle of making dinner and desert I need to make this post short and sweet. I do plan to blog again tonight about a pair of bloomers I made! First pair ever and so easy!!


1.) Taco soup
2.) Chicken Parmesan over spaghetti (making it tonight. Recipe is so easy!)
3.) Stuffed pasta shells
4.) Italian beef wraps
5.) Calzones (PW recipe! WOOHOO)
6.) Butternut squash soup and salad (oh how I have missed my fall soups)
7.) Bacon, chicken & cheese pockets
8.) Cream cheese rigatoni
9.) Dorito Taco salad
10.) Tomato basil pizza with left over frozen pizza dough
11.) Shrimp and red potatoes
12.) Greek chicken and potatoes
13.) French toast
14.) Strawberry buttermilk pancakes (we love these things!!)

Lunch Menu:


ham and cheese
peanut butter and honey
peanut butter and marshmallow
apple butter
peanut butter and jelly
cream cheese/spinach mix and ham
banana sandwich


Bugs on a log
gold fish
vanilla wafers
apple sauce
seasoned homemade tortilla chips
pirates booty (Costco white cheddar corn puffs)
carrots and ranch


One thought on “Menu Plan for lunch and dinner

  1. Hi there.. I told you that I tried to keep up with these from time to time 🙂

    Ok, so first comment…its funny that your butternut squash soup is on the menu because I have absolutely been craving it. I like you love love love fall, and crave everything that is associated with it!!!

    Next… maybe I should plan to come over according to your menu from now on 😉 jk… every single thing you make is good! you are an amazing cook! love you-Heather

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