Baby Bloomers

I have wanted to make a pair of these for a while, but don’t have any more baby girls to sew for. I have a friend having a baby girl any day now and seized the opportunity to make some of these! Here is how I made them.
I had a girl’s pattern for boutique bottoms from SewSensible. ***If you are learning to sew, or want to learn to sew, her patterns are the ones you want to use. They are nothing like a McCall pattern which I find to be very confusing and full of terms that I don’t understand.*** I used that pattern and cut out the fabric using the 9 month old pants pattern. I made the bloomers to fit a 15-20 pound baby (you will need about a 1/2 yard of fabric for this project). Instead of chopping off a bunch of fabric around the legs, I made a wider waist hem and used a wider elastic. For the legs, I used a super skinny elastic band and hemmed them in. If you are worried about the chubbiness of the legs and how tight to make the legs, compare to a closed diaper or pair of pants for the size you are making.
Since I was using a smaller sized pattern for a larger sized baby, I did’t waste much fabric. It turned out just right for a pair of bloomers. I wanted to embellish them with ruffles and make a matching shirt but ran out of time. 
I am making one more for a friend and maybe this time around I will make some ruffles and a matching shirt. 
Originally, I did try out a free tutorial I found online to make these and I wasted my time and my fabric trying to understand the directions. Just as I was about to give up I thought of the boutique bottoms from SewSensible pattern I already had and wondered if I could make them using that. Glad I didn’t give up!

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