Dinner and Lunch Menu

I have a few blog posts to catch up on tonight so get ready! First up is my menus! It’s grocery store time again.

I know you are seeing some familiar items on here from my last menu. We had some “left over nights” so what I didn’t make last time got shifted to this menu list.


1.) Stuffed cabbage rolls
2.) Taco Soup
3.) Italian beef wraps (this is the third rotation that I have tried to make this one. I WILL make it this time)
4.) Roast and potatoes
5.) Bacon, cheese and chicken pockets
6.) Greek chicken and potatoes
7.) Pasta with Cream Sauce (PW recipe!!)
8.) Pork chops and Perfect Potatoes au Gratin (another PW recipe!! Looking for some comfort food this round)
9.) Cubed Steak (the PW way!) and Edna Mae’s escalloped cabbage (this looks interesting- uses cheese whiz!)
10.) Chicken fried steak (the PW way!) and baked potatoes
11.) Enchiladas (PW)
12.) Biscuits and gravy (PW)
13.) Pasty (a Yooper thing- like a southern pot pie with ground beef)
14.) Leftovers some where in there

I have missed my Pioneer Woman recipes! I was looking for some comfort food this rotation and went to her to find it 🙂

Lunch for Thing 1:


Peanut butter and honey
Peanut butter and marshmallow
Peanut butter and jelly
Apple butter
Eggo and penut butter

Peanut butter pretzels
gold fish
pirates booty
carrots and ranch
crackers and cheese


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