Crock Pot Yogurt

Crock pot yogurt … it’s three words that you just don’t put together every day. I know it is hard to believe but it can be done. I used the recipe below to make mine. It was pretty easy, but I couldn’t leave the house for too long because I needed to be around until the milk was cultured. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures. Next time 🙂

Here is what I learned from this recipe:
1.Yogurt is good for 7 days
2. You can freeze this yogurt for up to 2 months
3. If it’s too tart (mine was way too tart) shorten the incubation time. I incubated mine for 8 hours. Next time I will try 6.
4. If your yogurt is too tart- add sugar. I added it by the spoonful and let it sit a day.
5. Mixing it with jam or real fruit is best
6. I tried the pumpkin spice and it just didn’t work with my batch.
7. I was told that whole milk yogurt incubates best (not sure if this is true).
8. My crock pot didn’t have a medium switch so I used high and shortened the time of cooking.

Have fun making your flavors. I did blueberry (from fresh blueberries), blackberry (with blackberry jam), and pumpkin spice (threw it out- didn’t like it)



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