If you follow me on Facebook you have probably already seen these little creations. I have been busy busy buys with lots of little projects.

A fall jumper for Thing 1:

I used a project runway pattern. Not my favorite pattern, but I am getting good use out of it. I am using the dress pattern to help me make Thing 1’s Halloween costume. Unfortunately, I think the pattern calls for way too many steps and has useless pieces… so… I just ignore the directions and make the dress like I think it should be made and skip a bunch of steps. If you saw me sew you would think I was nuts… but as you see, it seems to work for me 🙂

More snack bags for my bf and her sister in law’s little girl:

Two little outfits for my bf’s baby girl:

And of course I am working away on Thing 1’s Halloween costume:

Over the weekend I found some more fabric for the overlay on top of the dress. So my project this week will be to undo all that I have done and put the dress back together adding more material and of course, I have to make the cape. What is she going to be, you ask: Corinne from Barbie’s Three Musketeers. I am making the dress that Barbie is wearing to the right of the costume. She is already pretty excited about what I have done. When she saw the other fabric I picked up this weekend she squealed with delight.


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