This recipe was given to me about three years ago from my good friend, Galit Hill. She believes she found this recipe off of the back of a Hillshire Farm package a few years ago. This is a staple meal for us. It makes the rotation at least every other month. Good and easy to make. The man does not like sauerkraut, but in this recipe he will eat it because the ingredients cut out the sharpness of the sauerkraut.

Adapted from Hillshire Farms (I Think)
1 Medium Onion sliced
6 Kielbasa sausages sliced lengthwise
2 cans white potatoes drained
1 can of sauerkraut
1/2 carton of Swanson’s chicken broth
2 Tbs paprika
Sautee onions in pan with lid (I like to use my cast iron). When the onions are golden brown add your sliced Kielbasa. Once the Kielbasa is golden brown add your white potatoes (drain all liquid). Once the potatoes have softened a little add your sauerkraut (drain all liquid).  Add your chicken broth and 2 tablespoons of paprika. Stir gently. Place cover on pan and simmer for 30 minutes.

Here is how I change it up… I put my potatoes in first. 

I do this because I find that if I put my sausage in first, sometimes it comes out a little rubbery from being over cooked.

I don’t think I put in enough paprika… I didn’t measure it tonight, I just threw it in there. This meal is so quick, so easy and CHEAP! This is like a $6 meal. We love having it and thank you Galit for sharing 🙂

BTW If you know where this recipe is from, please send me the info. I try to give credit to the creators of the dishes when I can 🙂

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