Mom’s of boys.. get ready!!

I have made a decision to do some sewing for my little guy. I am dedicating this month’s of sewing (minus a few projects I have already started for Thing 1) to my guys. Thing 2 gets so excited when I make something for him so I want to see his face light up when I make some of these.

I hope you will enjoy some the projects I am going to add on here.
Some of them will be:
1.)  Buz Lightyear apron
2.) Batman pj bottoms for both boys
3.) Soccer bro shirt and matching soccer dad shirt
4.) Little guy ties or a tie shirt (I haven’t decided yet)
5.) A hobo sack for my little guy’s super hero’s
This is my plan. I may take longer than a month to get it all done or I may change it up, but for now, this is my target. I am a mom to three so I am realistic in the sense that I may not reach this goal. I try to sew early in the morning before they wake up or after they go to bed, late into the night. So a number of factors could change this goal 🙂
I can not promise you patterns to all of these, I can promise you links to the tutorials that I will use for some of these, and I will promise you pictures. Lots of pictures 🙂

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