Batman Pj bottoms

It’s the 2nd post for BOPM (Boys Only Project Month). Let’s look at the matching flannel pj bottoms I made for the boys .

I used the same pattern that I used for the bloomers (for the babies) and the ruffled bottom capris (that I made for Thing 1) to make pj bottoms for all three kids. Each pj bottom took me an hour to make. If you want to pick up sewing, start sewing for the little ones first and use the patterns created by Aimee from Sew Sensible. They are beginner patterns and each step has a picture so you can make sure you are doing it correctly. I know that I have given the link to this pattern before, but just in case you are new to the blog here is the link to the pattern for the boutique bottoms pattern. I have been able to use this pattern over and over again.

It’s as simple as cutting two pieces of fabric that look like this:

Then you create a waist line and casing to insert the elastic.

Hem the bottoms of the pants and sew the two pieces together. Easy easy.
And how cute are the boys with their matching Batman Pj’s!! Thing 2 was SO excited that I made him these Batman pj’s. He LOVES them and they are warm and soft.

One thought on “Batman Pj bottoms

  1. Jacob's hair is so BLONDE! He just looks so old in that picture. 😦 Love the pants and will be making some soon. We MUST do dinner or find some other reason to get together soon. 🙂

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