Menu Plan

Without complaining, but while being totally honest, it’s hard to find really great budget friendly recipes. Here I am again, trying to find recipes for meals for the next two weeks that won’t raise my grocery bill and I’m frustrated. I found some I am going to try from 5 Ingredients or Less. I am hoping they won’t disappoint.

If you don’t see any food reviews for the next two weeks, you know why.

1.) Creamy Italian chicken
2.) Cubed steak, mashed potatoes and home made mac and cheese
3.) Crock pot chicken and dumplings
4.) Shepherd’s pie
5.) Autumn Herbed chicken with fennel and squash over pasta (this was my splurge recipe)
6.) Greek chicken pita filling
7.) Mexican chicken & rice
8.) Wild rice stuffed turkey breast
9.) Sour cream chicken risotto
10.) Sweet potato chicken nuggets and french fries
11.) Grilled chicken, cheesy baked rice and fried okra
12.) Low country boil
13.) Rosemary chicken and baked potatoes
14.) Broccoli quiche with mashed potato crust
15.) leftovers


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