Menu Plan

So I finally went grocery shopping and finished cooking off of the last menu. The last three weeks have been off for us since Paul had to travel a few times last week. I was SUPER excited about my bill! $185.00 for the food needed for these 13 meals (plus the everyday stuff paper plates, napkins etc.) the only thing I didn’t buy was our turkey. I am waiting until next week when the prices really get slashed.

I am excited about the food coming up in the next few weeks! I am especially excited about my Thanksgiving Menu (I am posting that in a separate post).

1.) Brisket, asparagus, stuffing and salad
2.) Chicken spaghetti
3.) Falafel
4.) Seasoned pork rib-lets, canned corn, augratin potatoes (Pioneer Woman Recipe! YAY REE!)
5.) Pork chops, roasted red potatoes, green beans
6.) Meatballs (Recipe is already on my blog under beef)
7.) Beef fajitas, chips and guacamole and salad
8.) Thanksgiving meal (post to follow)
9.) Ribs, potato salad, homemade mac and cheese
10.) Tamales (we are having these tonight!! Y.U.M.)
11.) Leftover night
12.) Turkey pot pie (will be using turkey left over from Thanksgiving)
13.) Turkey sandwiches (from Thanksgiving turkey)
14.) Pizza or Calzone night

I’ll post my Thanksgiving menu later today with some recipes that include Turkey so you can use your leftovers.


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