Our Thanksgiving Menu

I don’t know what happened. I blinked (in May) and opened my eyes again and we are in November. Seriously, didn’t I just have Thing 3? Wasn’t I just in the hospital marveling over my new baby and enjoying my steak dinner and massage? Here it is November and he will be 6 moths old. SIX MONTHS OLD! It’s so sad. He has three teeth (boo), he is on all 4’s rocking and trying to crawl (boo), he says “Mamma” when he is really tired and sad (boo). Now I will likely have to have one more just so I can savor it.

On to things that do not hurt my head to think about (like having one more)… Our Thanksgiving Menu! I finally put it together and we are adding in something different this year (different for us) Cranberry Salad!

I shouldn’t start there though so I won’t. Let’s start with the turkey.

In case you missed the blog post where I gave the link for our turkey, here it is again.

Best Turkey E.V.E.R.

Again, in case you missed it, we don’t brine our turkey (we skip steps 1 &2) we soak the cheese cloth in a Sauvignon Blanc and butter and use this to baste our turkey until we have used it all and then we start using the juices from the pan to baste with. Our turkey is perfect every year and the taste is something that you will fall in love with!

We are going to give this stuffing recipe a try this year.

Well, I was going to give you the link to the actual recipe but it appears that this ebook is the only place that the recipe exists. The creator of the recipe didn’t put it on her blog and due to copywright laws I can’t copy and paste the recipe here (that’s why I give you guys so many links..unless I modify the recipe I can’t type it out word for word).

To get this recipe download this ebook and it’s on page 23.

We just love this recipe. It’s the only way to eat your greens, right? For those who don’t like fried food, I am so sorry, you need to work on that.

Here is the recipe. One tip,  do up some fried asparagus it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I plan to use the mashed potato topping recipe from the shepherd’s pie and then make up my gravy to pour on top.

Paul is Native American (Ojibway) blond hair, blue eyes, I know what you are thinking… he has his tribal card as proof … he gets free cheese and tylenol LOL

Alright, back to the fry bread. Every few years we do fry bread instead of biscuits. We LOVE fry bread and it’s SO EASY!!

Fry bread
Paul’s family Recipe
(Aunt Ester’s)

2 cups self-rising flour
1 cup milk
1 tbs sugar

Mix together. You want the consistency to be like a bread dough. Add more flour if it’s too wet. Take a ball and stretch it so it’s about an inch thick and lay that into the oil. Cook one side until it’s brown and cook the other until it’s brown
Simple, easy and GOOD.

We have NEVER EVER had a cranberry anything at our holiday table. No one likes cranberry sauce so I have never even attempted it. Here I am browsing through everyone else’s menu plans and I come across this recipe. It has cream cheese. Cream cheese makes everything better. It also has sour cream and pecans. I am thinking this is going to be good.

Here is the recipe for the cranberry salad.

We are taking a step away from the traditional pumpkin pie and we are going to move on over to this Pumpkin Ginger Pie with Gingersnap Streusel. Even the name of it just sounds delicious!

I can’t wait to try this baby out! I know Thing 1 will dive into this head first. I just have a feeling.

Finally, we will have one more pie. A traditional pecan pie, because it is truly a must have at every Thanksgiving meal at our house.

That concludes our Thanksgiving menu!


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