My Mommy Outlet

As a SAHM to three, I have many outlets: my cooking, sewing and blogging. I  never thought about sewing for others. I have always been painfully critical of my work. I have been sewing for years and was self taught. When Thing 1 was a baby, it broke my heart that we could not afford the pretty things from boutiques. I, just like you, wanted my children to have the best of everything. I started searching eBay for boutique clothing. Finally one night I convinced my husband to let me bid on an outfit with the understanding that I meant to figure out how to make Thing 1 her own. So I won the bid and from there my passion for sewing was born. I have been making clothing for my children since before Thing 1 could walk. Here and there people have asked me to make things for them. I have either declined or reluctantly done it. All from fear … fear of what you are thinking? I am not exactly sure what. I think it was fear of criticism, fear that other moms would think I was trying to be super mom, fear that my work wasn’t what they hoped for.

After what felt like SO many nudges from God, I finally decided to do it and plunge right in. So here I am. I am putting myself out there (which is not like me.)  You are thinking, “What, not like you? You blog, isn’t that putting yourself out there?” Not in my mind. Writing is different for me. I can do this all day long. Face to face, I am a pretty shy person. It’s hard for me to open up in person and it takes me a while to build friendships. Blogging is easy. I stare at a screen and write. At the end of the day, I am shy. This is a huge step for me and I am both excited and a bit scared.

So I present to you the online boutique, Pinwheel Creations. My goal is to provide families the opportunity to buy cute stuff for their kids at a price that makes sense. Please stop by and become a fan of our fan page on Facebook.


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