Menu Plan Monday

I haven’t forgotten about my guest blogger and the fry bread. My guest blogger has been a bit pre-occupied. I hope to be able to explain what I mean by the end of this week. For now, please keep us in your prayers while we make some important decisions.

It’s that time again!

I am excited about this menu plan because I threw some of my favorites on here! The BEST E.V.E.R. crock pot short ribs, chicken spaghetti (Paula Deen recipe), Sweet potato chicken fingers, and butternut squash soup!!

1.) Spaghetti
2.) Kiolbasa
3.) Southern style pulled pork
4.) Whole chicken and Greek potatoes
5.) Crock pot BEST E.V.E.R. short ribs
6.) Crock pot chicken noodle soup
7.) Sweet potato chicken fingers and chips
8.) Steak salad and butternut squash soup
9.) Chicken/spinach Alfredo
10.) Stuffed bell peppers
11.) 5 Cheese ravioli
12.) Quesadillas
13.) Chicken spaghetti
14.) Homemade pizza

If you see something you want the recipe for, ask! I love to share.

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