Book Review: Uncertain Heart

Uncertain Heart (Seasons of Redemption, Book 2) by Andrea Boeshaar
Reviewed by Tara Norman
Genre: Inspirational, historical
Publisher: Realms, A Strang Communications Company
Publication Dates: 2010
Set in 1866 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, Uncertain Heart tells the story of a young woman inspired to do more with her life than become a farmer’s wife. Sarah McCabe dreams of being an independent rich socialite and thinks the fastest way to do that is to move to the city of Chicago to become a music teacher. She is attracted to the culture and pace of the city and prefers it to the farm life that she had growing up.
Before going on to Chicago to become a music teacher, Sarah becomes a governess to Captain Brian Sinclair’s four children. Upon first arrival she meets Captain Sinclair’s right hand man, Richard Navis. Sarah falls in love with both men and is unable to distinguish which man is right for her. Richard is everything her father and brothers would approve of. He knows the Lord, dependable, selfless, a farmer and a hard worker. Captain Brian Sinclair is the exact opposite and is everything Sarah desires. He is wealthy, cultured, and is a business man. The morals and beliefs of the two men set them apart. Torn in two with love and lust for both men, Sarah looses her discernment between what’s right and wrong. Yearning to prove to family and herself that she is an independent woman, she believes that she can handle Captain Sinclair and his inappropriate behavior. When her character is questioned by the town, she realizes that she has been manipulated and her reputation is beyond repair and is forced to write to her parents to tell them of what’s happened and ask for help. 
Andrea sneaks in a surprise ending leaving the reader unsatisfied, yearning to find out what happens with Captain Sinclair, Richard and Sarah. I simply could not put Uncertain Heart down. I was spellbound by the love triangle and absolute faith that many of the characters had. Andrea had a wonderful way of relaying what an intimate relationship of God translates into daily life.
I am so glad I chose this book. It was a pleasant surprise and is a must read. I can not wait to find out what happens in the third book! Since these books are stand alone books I did not feel behind because I was not able to read Book 1 first. 
Rated PG-13
Review Copy Provided by Realms, A Strang Company. Thank you.
I received a copy of this book to review but was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations.


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