Catching up

You are probably wondering where in the world I have been. I’m in Michigan. Since I am homeschooling Thing 1,  I thought we should load everyone up in the car and have some fun in the snow until we go to the land of no snow, Florida.

This trip has proved to be interesting thus far. I have had a few new firsts here. 
#1 I rolled a buggy with a kid and groceries in it in the snow for the first time 
#2 I started Weight Watchers for the first time
#3 I am drinking my coffee black for the first time
#4 I drove around town sans kids in the snow for the first time ever
Still stuck on #2? I am 🙂 When Thing 1 looked at me the other day and said, “Mom, it looks like you have another baby in your tummy again” that did it. I had started doing Zumba on the Kinect and came to my in laws and found out my MIL was doing Weight Watchers. I asked her to show me what she had to do and before I knew it, I had my Complete Food Companion and am tracking what I eat and how many points I am using a day. I started 5 days ago and have lost 6 lbs already. Most of it was water weight but it has opened my eyes to what I am eating and how many calories I am really inhaling.  So, I know I am a PW gun ho type of cook and ya’ll know I like my food to taste good so my goal while I am on this Weight Watchers kick is to provide the recipes I find to be delicious and healthy. 
I did not actually join a Weight Watchers Program, I am just doing this on my own for myself. I will be cooking from the Healthy Cooking Basics cookbook. Here we go on a new adventure! Ya’ll ready? 

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