Menu plan

It’s that time again.

1.) pork chops, broccoli & cheese & baked potatoes
2.) fish, baked tomatoes, salad
3.) Pioneer Woman’s braised short ribs with wild rice. I use the gravy that you see in the pot with the ribs to pour over our rice and stack the ribs (that are literally falling apart as you lift them from the pot) on top of the wild rice.

4.) Sweetish meatballs & mashed potatoes
5.) tacos
6.) beef stew
7.) pork chops, red potatoes & roasted carrots

You may see some repeat items on here from the last menu plan. That means I never cooked it. There’s mostly pork & beef because they are BOGO specials at the store. Yay for BOGO specials.

I am also making one goodie. Southern Plate’s Lemon Blossoms. I’ll let you know how those turn out. I have been salivating over them since she posted her recipe last week. Friday could not get here fast enough. I have spring fever so this recipe hit the Internet just in time.


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