Menu Plan Monday

Week 6 in a resort and I have been successful at cooking all of our meals here! I was a little skeptical that I could keep this up but it has worked very well for us. I was afraid I would get caught up in the “Vacation Mode” attitude of all the vacationers here but it has actually been the opposite. I have tried very hard to give the kids a sense of security and normalcy. Cooking has just been a natural part of that process for us. It has helped me keep them on schedule as well. I am proud of myself for being able to do this with such limited resources. Today I simply have to buy a new slow cooker. I have lived 6 weeks without mine and we have 2 weeks to go here and I just can’t wait any longer. I miss my slow cooker and I have budgeted this buy into my grocery bill. I’m hoping Publix has them! Wish me luck.

I’m shopping at Publix today and they have a great price on pork and chicken. BOGO on rice.

1.) Slow cooker wild rice and chicken

2.) Slow cooker cheesy chicken and rice

3.) Pork chops, squash, mac and cheese and rolls

4.) Chicken and spinach fettuccine alfredo

5.) Slow cooker Mexican chicken

Look for new slow cooker recipes coming this week!


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