Running to the Hills for the weekend

Before I get started on a series of blog posts about my friend Galit Hill and her food, I would like to formally introduce her. I have slipped her name in a few blog posts but never told the story of our friendship. You see, Galit and I met in the strangest of ways… in the hospital. We were in a birthing class together. I had never formally met the Hills in the class but remembered her and Jon (her husband) only because in one of the classes Jon brought beer for the men and Galit brought cookies. It was a hilarious gesture and the men greatly appreciated it. That was all that I knew of the Hills. I was only able to attend half of the birthing classes because I ended up in the hospital at week 27 due to blood pressure issues. At week 29, I had an emergency C-section and Thing 1 was born, weighing all of 2 pounds. I’ll save the details of her birth for another time because this post is about the Hills.  While in recovery, I received a call from our instructor asking me to visit the Hills, that they were in the hospital and she was on bed rest. The instructor had no idea I also was in the hospital and had just given birth. She gave me the name of the hospital and the floor she was on and I realized we were across the hall from one another. I asked my doctor about Galit and she asked me if I would share with Galit my thoughts on the c-section, that Galit could use some reassurance. Who was I to give reassurance. The NICU was telling the man and I  our baby could live with complications or die. Nonetheless, I did. I walked in her room, very shy and told her my name and my story. I assured her that the C-section was not at all as scary as it sounded and described what happened so that she was prepared. Neither of us had made it to that point in the class and I was unprepared for the emergency birth myself and thought it would be less scary for her if she actually knew what was going to happen. Over the course of a few weeks she eventually gave birth to her first son. He too was a preemie. I walked into the NICU one morning to find our children side by side, getting their suntans to get rid of jaundice.  I am getting emotional just reliving that memory. Thing 1 was in the NICU for 41 days. Other than a collapsed lung, apnea and a feeding tube, she did remarkably well. She was the miracle child that they thought would not live. The Hills and us became friends in the NICU. We lived through similar heartbreaks and through a full year of uncertainty as we waited to see what damage had been done due to the premature birth of our children. We lost touch after we brought our babies home. I became bogged down with first year appointments with specialists and physical and occupational therapy  with Thing 1. Though we were not in touch with each other during that time, I thought of them often and knew eventually we would reconnect.

Almost a year later, Jon contacted Paul via email. That email rekindled our friendship and we invited them to Thing 1’s first birthday. We quickly cemented our friendship as we realized we truly were not alone in our struggles. While everyone we knew had children that could walk  by twelve months, our children were struggling to learn to crawl. Therefore, having play dates with other families was hard and heartbreaking. We started having play dates in the evenings because I still worked. She adjusted her son’s nap and dinner schedule so that he could come visit later in the evening. It was as though we had been friends forever. She was the kind of mom I aspired to be. She cooked and made wonderful meals for her family. When they would have us over for dinner I studied and watched how she made our meal. It was Galit that inspired me to learn how to cook. Up until I met her, I did not cook. We ate out most nights because the man and I both worked and it was easier that way. One of Galit’s best attributes is that she loves to share. She was/is always giving me tips on how to make baby food, the best deal on baby snacks, the newest toys on the market etc. Her friendliness and good naturedness oozed into my character.

We moved to Texas just as Thing 1 turned 15 months old. We kept in touch the entire time we lived in Texas through email, phone calls, texts, facebook. They went to Disney World with us and we celebrated the kid’s 4th birthday together. Throughout the 5 years we lived in Texas, Galit and I continued to share similar experiences. Both of our doctors advised us against having more children. They warned the danger of doing so. Shortly after we moved to Texas, I heard a sermon about healing from Pastor Haggee. I had just had a conversation with Galit about feeling as though I was in mourning as I was trying to adjust to the idea of never having another child. I called her about a week after hearing that sermon and told her I was asking God for healing. That He is the same today as He was yesterday. So if He could heal yesterday, He can heal today. I began to pray for healing and for God to tell me when my body was ready to conceive another child. I remember it very clearly as if it was yesterday. I felt God telling me it was time and that we would conceive a son. I shared the news with Galit. She asked me if I was scared. I told her no that I would not let other’s fears distract me from the promise God gave me. It wasn’t until we found out that we were in fact having our first son that others began to have faith in my assurance. As week 29 approached, family members began to get concerned and wanted to make plans to be there. We quickly told them, get on board and believe with us or let us be until the baby is born. Week 29 came and went and Thing 2 was born full term with absolutely no complications. It was the miracle of the healthy full term birth of Thing 2 and my absolute faith that  led to Galit’s decision to have faith and conceive again. She quickly told family and friends to believe with her or keep their concerns to themselves. We talked frequently throughout her pregnancy as I assured her that everything would be fine. We prayed for her and for her body every night and proclaimed protection over the sweet child she carried. She had a healthy full term boy. God is so good. You all know the rest. I had one more miracle, another boy and here we are today. God blessed us with our friendship. Without our friendship I can’t imagine how lonely I would have been through all of these trials. Praise God for giving us exactly what we need.

We never knew if God would bring us back to Florida, but I am sure glad He did. We now live 2 hours away from them which is such a blessing. This past weekend we drove to the Hills to stay with them. We are the type of friends that it does not matter how far apart we are, or how many years we go without seeing each other. The moment we do see each other we literally pick back up where we left off. She is an amazing wife, mother, friend, cook and host and I love her and her family to death. Coming up, I am going to blog about the amazing food she made for us. Some of the recipes will include her salads, brie, main entree, desert and breakfast for the next morning. Also, I will share with you some of the things our host did to make us feel right at home.


3 thoughts on “Running to the Hills for the weekend

  1. You are an amazing friend! I got all teary eyed reliving the hospital with u. What was ur original due date? Mine was july 4th. I remember u delivered on may 5th and I checked in on may 11th. I lived in the hospital for 4 wks while u guys were in the hospital taking care of isabella. I also remember feeding moti while paul fed isabella, side by side in the nicu. G-d only gives us what we can handle and I am glad u can handle me,lol. I really enjoy your writing, you seem to have a way with words. U say all the things I would say.

    • I want to say she was due July 3rd or maybe it was the 17th. I can not remember for sure. I had no idea this post was going to be hard but as I was writing it, the memories were flooding back and I relived that pain all over again. I am so thankful our kids are ok, it could have been very different for both of us. Love ya!

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