Hosting Martha Jewart Style

It was Saturday morning. We left around 10am and we had hoped to be at the Hills no later than 1:30. We didn’t make it until a little after 1pm. We arrived and hugged, I got teary eyed, then we invaded the Hill home. Literally. Even though I didn’t have to bring toys and a pack and play we still took over with our party of 5. Still, I think, I hope 🙂 they enjoyed it as much as we did. Almost immediately, Galit gives me the VIP tour. We’ve stayed at the HILLton before, so I knew to expect- Five Star service. Take notes ladies, this is this stuff that books are written about . Proverbs 31 woman.

She shows me to our room and I find fresh towels on the end of the bed.

I glance to the pillows and find this.

Mints on our pillows. Two for each of us so I don’t have to be mean to the man and claim them all as mine. Seriously, how thoughtful. She joking referred to herself as Martha Jewart. I think she was SPOT ON! She IS the bar that I hold myself to. How could you have any sense of not feeling completely welcome and loved in this home. One other thing that she does from time to time is that she will place pictures of her house guests with her family in the room that they will be staying in. I think that is a nice touch. It gives your guest a sense of belonging.

When she was done giving me the tour, she showed me the smorgasboard of salads she had waiting for me to ooo and aaaa over right before I devoured them. Just in case you missed the last post, here is the host herself.

Check out the spread!

First up is an Israeli salad.

Followed by an Eggplant salad

And finally a mozzarella salad

Spoiled, right? I know, I was spoiled. Recipes to follow! I have a lot of food to blog about from this visit! Ya’ll stay tuned.

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