Menu Plan Monday

Last post for today! I am going to make this a quick one because I have three children nipping at my heels for me to get going on their dinner. What are we having you ask? Well, we are having breakfast FOR DINNER! Love breakfast for dinner. Tonight is Raspberry French Toast.

If you noticed a few days ago, I posted a picture of this cookbook on Facebook. I will be cooking my meals with recipes from this cookbook for sure this week and maybe a few more. I will be writing a review about this cook book for Radiant Lit (p.s. a very cool site for women to find reviews on books. Awesome way to find a great read) and want to make sure I try enough recipes to give it a fair review.

That being said, my meals for the next five days can be found in this cook book.

1.) Raspberry French toast
2.) Twice baked potato soup and cheesy drop biscuits
3.) Lasagna roll ups
4.) Baked Lime Talipia (If you have the cookbook, this recipe may not be in there. I believe it was omitted by accident as I was provided with a typed copy from the publisher.)
5) Chicken Quesadillas

Tomorrow’s post will continue with my meals while at Galit’s. You will see a Chicken Marsala recipe and Seasoned baked potatoes.

Have a great night everyone!


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