Chicken Marsala & A Few Kitchen Gadgets

As I stood in the kitchen watching Galit do the prep work for our supper, I realized she was literally flying through the task of slicing up all the veggies. She was using this nifty little gadget, a must have in your kitchen, called a V-slicer. It originated in Germany and has just now made its way to the U.S. Her original one was from Israel and broke. She recently found a replacement at an outlet store. I provided the link to one on Amazon above. Ya’ll I am super clumsy with kitchen tools and afraid of anything Mandoline related (I almost lost my thumb last spring), but I think I can safely use this because of the handle. I watched her slice bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and potatoes in no time. With this recipe, you will be slicing some veggies! Shall we get to the recipe? Look at this picture. This meal is full of color and flavor!

Chicken Marsala
This recipe makes enough for about 6-9 people
5 boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt and pepper to taste
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
*You can do all red, all yellow, or all orange. She mixed it up for the color. Do not add any green bell pepper. Totally different taste.*
1 container baby portabella mushrooms
1 red onion
about 1/2 a bottle Marsala cooking wine or less
2 cloves of crushed garlic
2 tbsp olive oil

First rinse and slice up all of your veggies and mushrooms. When you are done with the prep work, heat your skillet with olive oil.  Galit uses this electic skillett to do this type of cooking because she can create a one pot meal and it cooks everything evenly. I would probably use my cast iron to make this meal. Don’t feel like you need this electric skillet to make the meal, I’m just showing you the different gadgets she uses in the kitchen. Add salt and pepper to your veggies and throw them in the hot skillet to cook for about 15 minutes. Take the time to smell the aroma of the veggies cooking. I love the smell of onion and bell pepper when it’s cooking. Getting hungry yet? While the veggies are cooking get going on your chicken.

Rinse your chicken and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut your chicken in half. Using a meat mallet, pound the chicken into thinner pieces. Sprinkle salt and pepper on your chicken then coat in flour. After your veggies are cooked, you will want to remove them and set them aside. Place your flour coated chicken in your hot skillet and cook until done. This will take about 2-3 minutes per side. Your stomach should be really growling by now (mine is) so add your veggies back to the skillet, add your garlic and about 1/2 bottle or less of Marsala cooking wine. In case you’ve never seen this wine, I snapped a picture for you.

Let that simmer for just a bit. Plate and serve. She served this with seasoned baked potatoes (recipe to follow). As a side note, my kids ate this up! Even the potatoes. I gave one whole piece of chicken and a few potatoes to each child and then crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t have to pull out the hot dogs. Before I knew it, they were done and asking for dessert Galit’s cream cheese pound cake (yes, you will be getting this recipe as well!).


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