I am so excited to give you this recipe because in the past, I haven’t enjoyed many breakfast dishes enough to blog about them. This one I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy over and over now that I have my paws on this recipe 🙂 The morning after a wonderful feast at the Hill’s, I smelled her cooking those leftover potatoes. My mouth was watering.

It was EARL-A, and our kids were WIDE OPEN! I started an immediate IV to her coffee pot and worked on gettin’ an appetite since I knew what was to come. After one sip, I realized something was in her coffee (I drink my coffee black). I asked her what coffee blend she used and she smiled at me and said, “It’s cinnamon.” I totally forgot she taught me that trick long ago and let it slip my mind through the years. She doesn’t bother with expensive coffee, she just buys a simple brand and after she has put her grounds in the pot, she sprinkles some cinnamon on top of the grinds. Try it. You will be delighted at your coffee! Great trick and one I bet you will continue to use the first time you try it!

Around the time I finished my third cup of coffee, I  finally woke up just in time to devour this delicious breakfast. I’m telling you, this is some good grinds!

Here is how you begin.

You can use your leftover potatoes and onions or start fresh and make white potatoes and onions in a skillet. If you have them on hand, you can also use shredded frozen potatoes or hash browns. Whatever you use should be fully cooked before you begin. If you aren’t using leftover potatoes and you chose to use hash browns or frozen potatoes, throw some spice on them. Paprika, salt, pepper, and a dash of basil. These were our leftovers.

You will want to spray a baking dish with Pam (you do not want to have to scrub off cooked egg first thing in the morning, trust me) and spread your left over potatoes (or whatever you are using) on the bottom. Now add some cheese (about a cup or more depending on how many potatoes are in the bottom), Galit used a shredded Mexican cheese blend, but use what you have on hand.

Whisk eggs with milk, salt and pepper. If you are from the south, add some Lawery’s in there and maybe a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce. Side note: This is how I make my scrambled eggs. At this point add about a 1/2 cup or more of shredded cheese to the egg. Depending on how many you are cooking for, and how many potatoes you had left over will determine how many eggs you will use. For the batch that Galit made for us (see the very last picture at the bottom), she used a dozen and a half. That fed five kids and four HUNGRY adults and we polished it off… because IT WAS that good. I’ll own it, I had thirds. Yeah yeah, I know, I am on Weight Watchers. I used those handy dandy extra points that weekend. After all, that is what they are for. If you are making it for a family of 5, I would say use about a half-dozen eggs. In the end,  you want your potatoes covered by your egg after you pour it in.

Pour your eggs over  your potatoes and cheese and sprinkle with more cheese and bake at 350 until done. You will know it’s done because the eggs will not be runny. For the big batch she made, that took about 30 minutes.

Get creative with your dish, if you have left over veggies sitting in the fridge, add them in .Galit says when making this for guests or looking to have a wow factor for presentation, before baking, decorate the top with different colored peppers cut into julian strips and parsley.  The picture below is the one she made for us. I cut into it before I remembered to snap a picture for you.

Remember to try adding cinnamon to your coffee and make this yummy meal as soon as you can!


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