Chili in the spring

Oh how I love a good chili simmering in the pot. The great thing about this recipe is that you can whip it up in 30 minutes or you can put it all in the slow cooker after you cook your beef and let it go all day. During the winter, I slow cook it. Something about the cold outside and the smell of chili going all day puts a pep in my step.

It’s spring, why am I giving you this recipe? Because I made my chili the other night to go in Kristy’s Chilli Cheese Tater Tot Recipe from Mommy Hates Cooking.

I didn’t bother with pictures because I didn’t think of blogging it until someone asked for it. Sorry šŸ˜¦ I guess you will just have to trust me without the pictures this time. This is a picture of the chili cheese tater tot recipe with my chili on the bottom.

Adapted from

If you are making this for the tater tot recipe, use the portions as stated. Portions in parenthesis are for a big pot of Chili as your main course. If you don’t see anything in parenthesis use what I wrote for both the tater recipe and the ChiliĀ as main course. Also, the portion that I made for the tater tot casserole, I only used half the chili that I made. I froze the other half for another meal.

1 (3) lb of beef
1/3 (1) chopped onion
1 (2) celery ribs
1/2 (1) can kidney beans rinsed and drained
1/2 (1) can of tomato paste
1/2 (1) container of salsa (we use mild)
1/2 (1) can diced tomatoes
1 beef bullion cube
1 cup of water
1/4 cup chili powder
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp basil
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp garlic powder or 1/2 tsp garlic salt
salt and pepper to taste
(if making this as main course, you will want some sour cream and cheese for the top)

Cook your beef and you can either dump all the ingredients in the crock pot or bring it to a boil in a dutch oven for 30 minutes or less until it is as thick/thin as you would like to have it.


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