Menu Plan Monday

Today was definitely a Monday. It started off strong and ended with me taking time to myself in my garden. As I began on the mountain of laundry that formed from just one weeks of clothes, my dryer broke. To top it off the Things were very cranky and sleep deprived today. I was unsuccessful at getting them to take a nap.  Somewhere in between meltdowns and Thing 3 screaming for me to hold him I managed to get a lasagna in the oven only to have it ruined because I wasn’t paying attention to the directions and the cheese I used should have gone on AFTER the first 45 minutes. Alas, I sat down and watched The Backyardigans with my kids, called the man and told him I was calling in a pizza for us. Smiled when I actually called in the pizza and found out it was less than the coupon I had clipped for the occasion, “Mrs. Norman, you hold on to that coupon because on Monday nights we run a special for 2 Medium Pizzas for $12. So Monday night is the only night you won’t need a coupon! Enjoy your evening.” I found an episode about pizza with The Backyardigans and zoned out with children’s programs playing in the background until the man came home, our hero and the pizza delivery guy. We had dinner (barely) in between  Thing 2 get up from the table a dozen times, Thing 1 asking for more milk and me feeding a very cranky Thing 3. As soon as I finished my last bite, I told the man they were all his and I went out to my garden. I watered and I examined every plant for progress and I found our first tomato growing! This was my silver lining today. This made every tantrum, the sopping wet clothes that took 4 hours to dry, everything just disappear. With that, I hollered for the kids to come out with their Sunflower seedlings that we grew inside so we could get them planted.

Below is a picture of the garden. The empty spaces have seeds growing in them.


The raised garden on the left.


To the right of the flower is Thing 1’s sun flowers. I planted them towards the front of the garden in hopes that the birds will go after that instead of my fruits and vegetables.


Here is picture one of my first tomato growing. You can just start to see the formation of it.20110404-075313.jpg

Raised bed number 2. I moved my window sill herbs out to the garden over the weekend. It was time. I lost my rosemary but I never have luck with rosemary so I wasn’t too upset about it.20110404-075500.jpgWhen I finished helping the kids plant their Sunflowers I sent them back inside with the man to get ready for bed and I inspected each plant one more time. I became giddy as I could see the beginnings of what will be Bell Peppers, and I thanked God. My little world fell apart so many times today, but at the end of the day, I gave it to Him and He managed to give me exactly what I needed today– to see the fruits of my labor. God gently reminded me that just as my garden, all of this hard work that I am putting into my kids will pay off someday and I will see the fruit of my labor as they grow.

With that, I will give you my menu plan for this week. I am cooking from the $5 CookBook this week so if you have it feel free to follow along. I will give you the extras (lunch, breakfast and snack) that I am planning to make as well. I should have a full review for this cookbook by the end of next week.

1.) Pork Chops, potato salad marinated tomatoes

2.) Grilled chicken (with home-made BBQ sauce), cabbage, left over marinated tomatoes

3.) Baked parmesan fingers (pg 204) and oven chili fries (pg 248)

4.) Chicken and broccoli stir fry (pg 206)

5.) Lasagna roll ups (pg 207) … the dinner I ruined tonight

6.) Taco salad (231)

7.) Ham and Swiss Frittata (pg 68)

8.) Finnish pancakes (the man requested this.)

9.) Crock pot enchiladas


Blackberry muffins (286)

Pina colada popsicles (229)

Quick caramel popcorn (282)

Peanut butter surprise (197)

Sorry I forgot to write the page numbers for these.

Overnight Honey and Nut Granola (I made this last night and it was so good. Great for snacking and to put in yogurt.)

Waldorf chicken salad sandwich

Chicken pesto sandwiches

Cucumber dill sandwiches

Guacamole veggie pita


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Mrs.Tara reading about your day made me think twice about how much I complain when I really should be thanking God because he knows what lies before me. Thank you for helping me remember that, I want the fruits of my labor. I pray God continues to bless you with many many more blessing then you could ever ask for. Thank you! Have a great evening!

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