Is this what fruit looked like in Eden?

The Environmental Working Group found 287 chemicals in the blood of 10 Americans – who were they? NEWBORNS.  These chemicals: 151 linked to birth defects, 130 affect the immune system and 157 that are toxic to the nervous system.

When asked if I would like to review this product, the above was the first thing I read on the news portion of their website. At that moment, I became sick to my stomach. I quickly scanned through the facts, I read the FAQ’s, and I said, “I want to try it.” It couldn’t have come fast enough for me.

Before Environne came into my house, I was oblivious about what was on my produce. Yes, I rinsed everything off, but never gave a second thought about why my food looked the way it looked- or even the way it looked. I never ever noticed the waxy substance on my broccoli. EVER. I wonder if it’s because I have been desensitized by seeing it over and over. Not anymore. I started looking on the internet to see what I could find out about pesticides and chemicals on our food. I googled grapes. It is my son’s absolute favorite snack and what I found out shocked and scared me. There were 34 pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program on grapes. Out of that 34, SIX are developmental or reproductive toxins. Out of that SIX, ONE is found 15.9% of the time. How often is it tested, EVERY FEW YEARS! When was this test last conducted? 2005. Don’t believe me?

Guess how many were found on a strawberry? A staggering 54 with 12 developmental or reproductive toxins. Green beans 44 with 8 developmental or reproductive toxins. Carrots- 26 with 7 developmental or reproductive toxins. Are you getting my point? Why is the government allowing these foods to make it through inspection, into the grocery stores, into our hands, and into the mouths of our children? I am still trying to wrap my brain around this. I read on Environne’s website, “Did you know the FDA inspects less than 2% of imported produce shipments?” No, no I did not know this. Why is this? I have become very passionate about this issue. It infuriates me that I am encouraged as a parent to get in the servings of vegetables and fruits every day and I was feeding them food with wax, chemicals and pesticides on them the whole time. EVEN WHEN I BOUGHT ORGANIC! Make baby food? I did. I thought I was helping my children by feeding them uber healthy organic home-made baby food. Then I read this..

So you are thinking, now what? We can’t undo the past, but we can change things moving forward. Environne has a vegetable and fruit wash that will dissolve and remove the wax, chemicals and pesticides. It’s all natural and Kosher certified. Use as directed and rinse your produce with water after cleaning.  Please go to here to read more.

After seeing my photos and reading about this, you can choose for yourself. Either way, every time you shop for produce, you will notice it now because I have made it impossible for you to miss. The flash on my camera (taken with my cell phone) captured the glare of the wax (which traps the chemicals underneath the food which is why rinsing with water doesn’t work very well) on each piece of fruit and vegetable we ate in the last 2 weeks. My food came from grocery stores and an organic farmer at the local farmer’s market.

It’s simple folks. I am not a food specialist, a doctor, or a chemist. I am a wife to my husband that I love and adore and a mom to three kids that I would do anything for. So when it comes to doing what’s right for them, I will do everything I can to make that happen. Nope, I’m not being paid to write this (that would be great!) I am doing this because I was ignorant and now that I see what I was feeding my family and the difference it can make, I want you to have it too. I really am trying as hard as I can to not sound like an infomercial but it is what it is. Let’s look at some pictures.

First up is a tomato. I decided to try the wipes out on it. So I used a wipe to clean the fruit.

It did change the color a bit, but what I noticed the most was the texture of the tomato skin changed. It went from easy to grip to almost slippery and soft. All of the gunk that had been sprayed on it was gone, and I was left with a beautiful piece of fruit.

My dirty potatoes from the grocery store.

My clean potatoes. With these, it was after cooking them that I noticed the difference. The taste was amazing. I roasted these and they kept their color.

Store bought broccoli florets that have not been washed.

The broccoli floret on the left was washed with water, the one on the right was washed with Environne.  Are you feeling sick to your stomach yet?

Can you believe underneath all of that “junk and gunk” there are brilliant colors such as this? Never seen produce so pretty. Not even from a backyard garden.

Speaking of, you are wondering if it matters because I bought them from the store. Nope, the huge broccoli heads below were purchased from the Farmer’s Market.

Because Environne strips the fruit of all the unwanted chemicals and wax the vegetables are able to, for lack of a better word, breath again and while cooking an Environne washed vegetable, you will be amazed at the smells! I have never smelled broccoli like this before. Not even when steaming and pureeing it. After trying Environne washed broccoli and potatoes for the first time, the man said, “We can never go back. It will need to go in the budget to have this in our home.”

The blackberries on the top were washed with water, the ones on the bottom were washed in Environne.

Grapes washed in water

Grapes washed with Environne

Carrots washed with water

Carrots washed with Environne

What did I try it on?

Carrots (I was amazed that the moment I started cleaning my carrots with Environne I started smelling them. They were fresh Farmer’s Market carrots! They smelled so delicious after washing them.)














Bell Pepper

With everything I tried it on I noticed three things! The texture of what ever I tried it on changed immediately.  I could smell whatever I had in my hand in a way I had never smelled it before. I could really taste the food cooked or washed in the product.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat at restaurants with produce washed in this product? Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew we could buy wine made with grapes washed in this product, or baby food… Maybe it’s time I open my open restaurant/winery and serve home-made baby food with fruits and veggies washed in this product. You think I’m kidding? I just may. 🙂

So how do you get this? EnvironeeAmazon, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, & Bed Bath and Beyond.


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