Menu Plan Monday

I’m late! I know. It’s going to take me a week or two to get into this new schedule. We started swimming lessons this morning and all three go at 10:30. It literally took me all morning to get everyone ready. They were so excited I had a hard time corralling them to the breakfast table and to get dressed. My fault because I didn’t bother to set out the towels and beach bag last night and find everyone swim suits. Around 7am Thing 1 informs me that all of her swim suits are still packed. It was a mad dash to find the one suitcase from the time share that we forgot to unpack that has been hidden behind boxes in the office. Found it, got her dressed and we were on time. Praise the Lord. If you follow me on Facebook you know that I was a little apprehensive about signing Thing 3 up for swimming lessons. In 10 minutes, they had him holding his breath under water and kicking to get to the side of the pool to hold on. I won’t go into all the details about how well the kids did, I’ll save that for another post. I do want to say one thing though. After watching a video my friend posted on my Facebook about what Thing 3 would be able to do after his swimming lessons, I cried. As I was chatting with another mom watching another baby have swim lessons, I began tearing up. She told me it was hard to watch (because they are crying the whole time) but that after the 3rd lesson they get really into it. The coaches are so good that as they were training Thing 3, I didn’t have time to cry and fret over him. They sat me by the pool and told me everything they were doing as they did it. They  were coaching me without me even realizing it. They were showing me how to do what they were doing and what to look for and I was so focused on watching them that I forgot my baby was screaming and I was more focused on making sure I knew how to teach him how to survive in the event he fell into our pool. They reassured me he was doing awesome (as he screamed), they even took the time to burp him after he swallowed some water. I asked his coach about dry drowning and she assured me that would not happen under her coaching and she would teach me how to coach the kids at home on Friday. Friday (of every week) is the day that I get in the pool with each child during their lessons to learn what each child will need practice over the weekend. Friday lessons for me are an ongoing thing for as long as the kids are taking lessons. I can say after the first day, I am pleased. However, swimming lessons threw me off my schedule. I spent the rest of the day trying to play catch up. Mondays are my laundry days and it took me the rest of the afternoon to tackle that. Then dinner, baths and I went grocery shopping and just got back.

I am back to my bi-weekly menu planning. I was a little rusty at it this go around. It’s been a while since I had to come up with 14 meals! That means you will get to see what our Easter dinner will look like.

1.) Fried Zucchini & Spaghetti (Gwenth Paltro recipe that just came out in the Food and Wine mag. Her first cookbook is coming out soon. Had this tonight and it was really light and tasty)

2.) Pot roast over rice (Have been craving this recipe! Best Pot Roast E.V.E.R. A packet of ranch dressing, McCormick’s Brown Gravy, and Italian Dressing mixed together. Pour on top of roast. Add one cup of water around roast in crock pot and let it go for 6-8 hours!) Throw rice in the pot 30 minutes before you are ready to eat.

3.) Leftover Roast sandwiches

4.) Chicken breast kabobs

5.) Pasty

6.) Chicken fettucine (a new recipe I am trying from Southern Plate- under Heritage recipes… supposed to be the real McCoy)

7.) Galit’s Kielbasa

8.) 5$ Dinner’s Frittata I never got around to making it. We grilled out instead

9.) The other half of the pulled pork that I froze

10.) Italian meatballs! LOVE THIS!

11.) Some where in here there will be leftovers

12.) Easter meal

Baked Brie for appetizer

Crock Pot ham
If you shop at Publix WAIT until next Thursday to buy your ham. I got a tip from the stocker in the meat area that there will be some really great sales on ham next week. I have to go back next week to pick up my ham!

Asparagus Au Gratin
Publix shoppers asparagus is on sale this week. Get it now and freeze it for Easter.

Paul’s Aunt Keely’s macaroni and cheese recipe. I can’t give it to you just yet.

Easter Bread

For dessert! Angel Fluff

13.) Ham biscuits

14.) Leftovers or pizza

I am making these for the kid’s Easter baskets as well.

There’s a recipe for making Peeps too, but I didn’t want to buy all the things needed to make them.

That wraps it up for tonight. Sorry if my blogging may be spotty over the next few weeks. I have a graduation to throw together for next weekend, swimming lessons, I will have contractors at my house the end of the this week and I promised the kids a weekly trip to Sea World since we have passes. If you want to make sure you don’t miss it, sign up for the email subscription. It will send my blog post straight to your email as soon I as post it.


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