Calling all gardeners! HELP!

Alright y’all. I need help! Something is going on in my garden and I can’t figure out what. I’ll take any help I can get over here. I have buds blooming but either falling off or withering. I have yellowing leaves. No saw dust at the bottom of the plants. I water every evening for about 2 minutes each box. Then on Thursday and Sundays our sprinklers come on for about 15 minutes. They get 6 hours full sun. I am not sure what to think. I thought maybe lack of bees but I just don’t know. Can you help?

These are the carrots. They will need to be thinned out soon. They seem to be fine.

This is the corn. Again, this seems to be fine.

The cucumber blossoms are withering away and the leaves are turning yellow.

Another view of the same plant.

Squash is having the same issue. Blossoms galore but they wither up and the leaves are yellowing!

The other squash.

Strawberry seems fine.

I only have 2 tomatoes about this size (Beef Steak). They seem to be slowing in growth. Lots of blossoms but they either fall off or whither up.

Watermelon. Again, yellowing of leaves and buds are just forming.

Finally we come to the bell pepper. I can’t tell if it’s going to make it or not. What is the black stuff along the stems. There are random holes on a few leaves. No worms or bugs in sight.


2 thoughts on “Calling all gardeners! HELP!

  1. I’m not a huge help as I’m having a few similar issues{the cukes, mostly}. I would go to a nursery, find someone that looks kind and helpful, push Caleb up on your hip, front and center, and just start asking questions!

    I’ve heard ladybugs can do wonders for getting rid of certain pests. Also, if you see catepillars, you have to roll and squish to make sure they die. 😦 I heart butterflies, but the caters must go if whole veggies are what we’re looking for!

    • I’m at a loss. I’m starting to think it’s the water or lack of pollination. I haven’t seen any bees- lots of wasps but not one bee here. I shook all the plants a little this evening to see if that will help. I will have to try to make it to a nursery next week. I hope they can make it that long. Very frustrating.

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